Care of Crocodile leather

Care and clean of Crocodile skin product

Congratulation! You have possessed one of the most sought-after exotic skins products. Crocodile bags are generally considered to be the king of handbag world. It is not only a stylish accessory to boost your personal taste, but also a collectible treasure to invest in that can be passed down through generations. Restoring your crocodile skin product involves learning how to correctly clean, moisturize and store the investment to ensure it rocks your outfit for many years to come. Here are what we recommend to take care of your leather accessories:

To care

1.       After you buy a new crocodile leather product, apply a small amount of premium exotic leather conditioner. Do this twice a year to preserve the leather and to help provide water resistance.

2.       If your handbag gets wet, allow it to air-dry naturally. Keep it away any source of heat. When the leather is almost dry, apply a bit of leather conditioner to restore flexibility.

3.       Don’t  use any animal fat on your leather, animal oil will darken your leather; and, it will make the leather smell bad and decay gradually. Do not use leather conditioners that contain waxes or silicone which do not allow the leather to breathe. NEVER apply conditioner directly to the leather, apply to cloth first.

4.       Your leather bag should be stored empty, and stuffed with tissue paper in order to maintain it’s shape.

5.       Don’t apply any household furniture polish, alcohol, or other solvents to your leather bag.

6.       Do not store your handbag in a closed plastic bag. Remember that leather breathes and that is why it is soft and supple.

7.       Store the crocodile handbag in a cool, dry spot that is away direct heat. Heat removes moisture from the crocodile leather, causing a loss of natural shine.

To clean

1.       Wipe down the handbag’s surface with a damp microfiber cloth. This is sufficient to clean the crocodile skin, unless there is a difficult stain.

2.       Remove any stains from the crocodile handbag by dampening a household sponge with exotic-leather cleaner. Work the cleaner into the affected area using overlapping circles.

3.       Wipe away and remaining cleaner with a damp cloth and allow the product to dry completely. 

4.       Apply a light coating of leather conditioner to the crocodile handbag with a soft cloth. Choose a lanolin-free product or one that is formulated for use on exotic skins.

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